Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Perfect in Prague – Picture & Pyjamas – Day 2 of the Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trip

I am still struggling to believe all the amazing things that I was lucky enough to experience in Prague, but I have the pictures so they must have happened!

I woke up to beautiful sunshine on the second day of our trip and was able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. I could get used to such a delicious start to the day and having someone just refill my coffee cup before I even really knew I wanted more!

We then all met in the hotel foyer for a morning trip to Prague Castle, least that is what we thought ... but Stampin’ Up! had an additional treat planned for us first. A ride in a vintage tram. Prague has a lot of trams but this one was special and normally lives in a museum – other tram drivers we passed looked at it admiringly! The tram took us for a tour of the town on our way to the castle.

This is Ivana our guide for the day – she was very passionate and knowledgable about Prague and shared lots of great information. On the tram ridge however I ended up in the carriage with the German speaking guide, Karel and I am not sure the others have forgiven me yet as he was rather good looking!

Prague Castle was stunning.

Here are Shelli and Sterling in the Castle Gardens.

Lunch was at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the town. The room was stunning with gorgeous crystal vines around the roof. We were all very excited to see the adorable menus!

We had some free time in the afternoon which I spent enjoying the sunshine with these lovely ladies and then exploring Prague some more.

The excitement for the day was not however over. Having changed into our Pyjamas we all met up to do some swapping. The swaps I received are amazing and I will show them to you soon. Then it was time for some stamping! As we entered the room there were squeals of delight – goodness knows what the hotel staff (who were fantastic) must have thought - our places were marked with personalised aprons! Here is Jules modelling hers.

The projects we made were adorable, but you are going to have to wait until October to see them. Trust me they will be well worth the wait!  If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be this excited about an apron while wearing PJ's I would never have believed you!

Paula and I – I seemed to spend the whole evening with my mouth open in amazement

More tomorrow

Happy Stampin’

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