Sunday, 3 July 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different!

I had a wonderful time scrapping yesterday, chatted lots with everyone and did some scrapping!  I also sorted out my photos from Prague and got started scrapping them - I will show you the results soon.

Its another wonderful sunny day here today and I will be spending it all here - my home from home at the moment.
The Little Theatre in Dunstable

 On Friday, the play I am directing open and we have a long to do list today!  Its coming along very nicely and promises to be a good show - let me tell you a bit about it, its a comedy thriller by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner. 

Writing can be murder!  Well at least it can for Max and Nigel. It has been a long time since these two crime writing playwrights last had a hit play. Debts are mounting and they are struggling to get by. Their secretary Jill has not been paid and is going to have to leave, and Nigel’s malicious wife Ann is not going to let them forget what failures they have become. The strains are starting to show and the future of their partnership is in doubt.

They really need their next offering to be a huge success. Everything depends on it. They need a sure fire winner so as they develop their perfect murder they borrow from other well known plays and their surroundings.

The line between fiction and reality becomes blurred. Has someone actually been murdered? If so who? And who is the murderer? Will the stage struck detective be able to sort it all out?

As the story unfolds there are twists, turns and more turns! Along the way there are lots of amusing lines and comical situations.  I have a great cast and it would be lovely to see you there.  You can find full details here or contact and I will arrange your tickets for you (and as my guest you get a reduced price seat!)

Why not come along and see what Stampin' Up! Products you can spot on the stage ...

Happy Stampin'

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