Friday, 22 February 2013

Find Out About Friday - What is going on with my Snail Refills?

I noticed something different about my last delivery of Snail Refills so for this week's Find Out About Friday I thought I would tell you about it.  I love my Snail Adhesive - it is so fast, easy and mess free to use.  This means I do get through quite a few Snail Refills and I am pleased about these changes.
Great Changes to the Stampin' Up! Snail Refill
The New Style Snail Refill
The first thing you will notice when you see the new refills is that the liner has changed colour  - it is now blue.  It also makes it look like there is less on the roll but this is not the case - the new liner is thinner but the adhesive remains the same and you get just as much of it on the roll as before - a whopping 12 meters.
Great Changes to the Stampin' Up! Snail Refill
The Old Style Snail Refill
The second change is the one took me a while to notice but it's a great change - can you see this 
Great Changes to the Stampin' Up! Snail Refill
Easy Open Packaging

The pack is now even easier to open!  Brilliant.

So look out for these new packs when you take delivery of your snail refills

Happy Stampin
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