Friday, 11 March 2011

Find Out About Friday - Stampin' Around

Thank you for all the lovely feedback about the Find Out About Blender Pens Post I did last weekend. Based on your emails and comments I have decided to make this into a weekly series of posts which I am going to call Find Out About Friday.

Stampin' Around Neighborhood Wheel
So welcome to this week’s Find Out About Friday. Today we are going to find out about the Stampin’ Around Wheels and Handles.

Why would I want one?

Have you ever wanted to get a large area covered with beautiful images really quickly or wanted to make lots of similar patterned strips? The Stampin’ Around Wheels and Handles allow you to do just that and much much more.

What are they?

Stampin' Around Wheel
The Stampin’ Around Wheels feature patterns which are designed to coordinate with the Stampin’ Up! Stamp Sets, and since the pattern is continuous you are able to make a border or a background to the size you want. The Wheels come in two widths, Standard and Jumbo and there is a handle in each size. Since the wheels are interchangeable you only need one handle for each size although some people like to have more than one for when they are using multiple wheels to create a pattern.

How do I use them?

You gently push the Stampin’ Around Wheel you want to use into the appropriate sized Stampin’ Around Handle. You can ink the wheels using the Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads – the jumbo wheel is the same width as the ink pads, or for maximum speed and convenience you can use one of specially designed ink cartridges. These are available with black ink or unlinked for you to add the ink colour of your choice, making fast and colourful images really easily. The cartridges are slotted into the handle before the Wheel and then engaged by gently releasing them and removing the protective cover.

Once you have finished Wheeling you simply disengage the ink cartridge if you have been using one (by pushing it back towards the handle) and then wheel over your Stampin’ Scrub.

What can I make with it?

The Stampin’ Around system is really versatile. You can make patterned backgrounds, you can decorate bags, boxes and other flat containers and surfaces. You can make your own patterned paper and the wheels are of course ideal for card making and scrapbooking.

Here are a couple of quick samples for you, featuring the Neighbourhood Wheel which is currently on special offer (30% off during March - check here). Firstly a Scrapbook page just waiting for some photos of my road.

Stampin' Around Neighborhood Wheel
There is a Wheel Guide available to help you wheel straight (I probably should have used it for this page, my excuse is that my road is on a slight incline too!)
Stampin' Around Wheel Guide

And secondly a quick card. The colouring was done with Blender Pens (again on special offer this month)

Stampin' Around Neighborhood Wheel

Where can I get them?

There are 17 Jumbo Wheel and 19 Standard Wheel Designs to choose between, they can be seen in action throughout the Idea Book and Catalogue and there is an index of them on pages 110 and 111.  The Jumbo Wheels cost £8.50 each and the Standard Wheels are £6.50 The Neighbourhood Wheel is not the only Wheel that has 30% off this month so be sure to check the specials here.

You will also need a handle for each size
The Jumbo Handle is item number 103661 and costs £4.95. The Standard Handle is item number 102971 and costs £3.25

The cartridges are available in Black or Uninked and cost £6.75 for a Jumbo size and £4.50 for the Standard Size.

The Wheel Guide is item number 104834 and costs £7.95

All these items can be ordered by emailing

Happy Stampin’

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