Friday, 10 August 2012

Find Out About Friday - How to Create a Triple Time Stamped Card

Triple Time Stamping is a fun technique which gives a real WOW on your cards and is much easier to create than it looks.  Recently a few of you have asked me how it is done so for this week's Find Out About Friday I thought I would share with you how to make a Triple Time Stamped Card.
How to Make a Triple Time Stamped Card

This Triple Time Stamped Card was made using the gorgeous Reason to Smile Stamp Set which is only available during August - you can find the details here.

Triple Time Stamping gives the effect of a complete image which has then been cut up and layered with just the center being cut out for each layer.  While it looks a complicated effect to achieve it is actually quite straight forward, just follow the steps below

  1. Start with a piece of card the size of the largest layer you want to use - in my case this was 10cm x 14.5 cm as I was using a standard C6 Card.
  2. Next cut a  piece of card the same colour 2cm smaller in each dimension - in my case this was 8cm x 12.5cm
  3. Repeat step two so you have a third layer - so my smallest layer was 6cm x 10.5cm.
  4. Next put a small amount of re-positional glue (you can use either the Stampin' Up! 2 way Glue Pen or the Tombow as re-positional glues) on one side of each of these layers and centering each layer, stack them with the largest at the back.
  5. Stamp your design over this layered card.  Don't worry when you get some gaps or wobbly stamping on the joins - these will be covered over on the finished card.  I have used Concord Crush and Regal Rose on my card
  6. Next cut your card base.  You will also need to cut two coordinating matting layers from the same coloured card.  Each of these needs to be 0.5cm bigger than the layer it is going to go under.  So for my card they were 8.5 x 13cm and 6.5x11cm
  7. Taking each of your stamped layers stick them to the matting layer that is 0.5cm bigger than them, before sticking them to the card base.  Use a permanent adhesive for this step.
  8. Decorate the rest of the card as you would like
I hope you decide to try the Triple Time Stamping Technique - it is a lot of fun.  If you have any questions please do drop me an email -

Happy Stampin'
How to Make a Triple Time Stamped Card

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