Friday, 28 February 2014

Find Out About Friday - How Washi Tape Saves Me Time Everyday

I make no secret of the fact that I love Washi Tape but you may still have been surprised to read the title of this blog post - can Washi Tape really save me time every day?  Well the answer is simple, yes it can.  Let me explain.

I am totally lost without my diary and my notebook - both are full of lists and things I need to remember and things I need to do.  Recently they have been joined by a third book - one for the new house, there is so much to do there and it was swamping everything else, so for a while I am going to be a three notebook girl!

Now these books are wonderful and I use them all the time, and for them to be most effective I need to be able to find things quickly and easily and that is where the Washi Tape comes in.  I have used tape to mark the start of different sections in my books which makes the pages easy to find.
How Washi Tape saves me time every day - find out here!

Not only does it make the books pretty - and therefore me more likely to look at them, it also means that the edged pages are a little thicker so easier to turn to as the book falls open on them more easily.
How Washi Tape saves me time every day - find out here!

Given that time is money I would say these Washi Tapes at £4.50 for three coordinating roles are great value!

Finding pages is not the only thing I use them for in my diary either - they are also good for marking in events that run over several days - November is going to be busy already!  
How Washi Tape saves me time every day - find out here!

So that is how Washi Tape saves me time every day as well as brightening up my world!

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