Friday, 14 February 2014

Find Out About Friday - Moving House and another reason to love Stampin' Up!

As some of you may know I moved house a week ago today! Goodness that was a stressful day and I am sure before too long it will make a very funny story.  The short version of which would be the removal men getting stuck in a flood on the way to me, one of them hurting his back and not being able to life anything - he was picking up a small box with my puppet dog in at the time so this lead to much teasing from the others!  Then my poor sister spent over 3 hours on the M25 on her way to me so I had to be rescued by friends. This was all topped off by the people in the house I was moving into still being here 2 hours after they should have left and threatening my removal men with their huge real dog if they tried to come in!  But I am now in and am slowly starting to get organised.  

The space in the house is fantastic, but it needs a lot of work doing to it and this week has been about unpacking a bit and trying to find people to do the work.  Obviously one of the rooms that I have partially unpacked is the room that is going to be my craft room.  Want to see?
Bekka's Craft Room the Before Shots!

At the moment it is also doubling as my office but as the house gets done that will change.  I am not going to show you very much more as the walls need plastering, the revolting stained carpet needs to be replaced with something more practical and much much more - I have big plans for this room and I promise I will share the end result when it is done - but don't go holding your breath that could be a few month's yet given the availability of the tradesmen I have been talking to :-(  In the mean time this is however where I will be getting inky and I can't wait!

So what has all this to do with what I love about Stampin' Up!?  Well this last couple of weeks have highlighted one of the benefits of this business in a new to me way.  The total flexibility.  I only got a moving date the week before I actually moved and my business has give me the flexibility to move things round and clear my diary for a couple of weeks while I got moved.  How many jobs do you know where you can do that?  To not have to be juggling a job while packing and then cleaning and unpacking has been a real blessing.  I love how my business fits around my life!

Another thing that this move has reminded me of is how wonderful the people I know through my business are - friends of the absolute best kind.  I have had so many offers of help and even had people helping me pack and get my old place sorted out, while those further afield have helped me keep my head as close to straight as it ever is!  A huge thank you goes out to each of them.

If you are looking for a business that fits around your life and the curve balls that throws at you get in touch now - I love helping people achieve their business dreams and would like you to be one of them and what could be better than making money sharing something you love.  Between now and 31 March 2014 there is even a very special offer on which will help you be even more profitable even more quickly.  Just email

Happy Stampin'
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