Friday, 30 November 2012

Find Out About Friday - How to Make a Mottled Background using your Clear Stamping Blocks

Recently a number of people have asked me how I created the mottled background effect on the Thank You Cards I sent them - so for this week's Find Out About Friday I thought I would share that with you all.

First here is the card which sparked all the questions
How to make a Mottled Background Effect for your Stamping

The pool party mottled background stripe was fast and fun to create.  I love the texture it brings to the card and all without adding any depth - so important for cards that you are going to post.

You only need two things to create this effect - an ink pad in the colour of your choice and a clear stamping block, (the kind that do not have an adhesive layer on them).  Choose a clear block the size of the background area you want to create this mottled effect on.  If you block is larger than the area you want to cover mask off the areas you do not want to get ink on.  Make sure your block is clean before you start.

In addition to my choice of block and ink, I found that having a tissue on hand was helpful too as I am good at getting ink on me when I stamp!

To create the mottled effect take your ink pad and tap it onto your clear block making sure you get a good coverage all over.  The ink will not cover the block evenly and that is OK.  Stamp your block onto your card where you want this effect to be.  When you lift up the block you will have a beautiful  mottled background which can frame your image ready to stamp onto.

Yes that really is all there is to it :-)

To clean your block when you have finished either scrub it on a Stampin' Scrub or run it under a tap

Enjoy creating your mottled backgrounds and if you have any questions please just ask

Happy Stampin'
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