Friday, 3 May 2013

Find Out About Friday - Where I Craft

I don't know about you but I love to see other people's craft spaces, so for this week's Find Out About Friday I thought I would share mine with you.
Bekka's Craft Room - she holds classes here too - check them out!

This is the main work area, the area I sit and where mostly things happen!  Behind me are the things I use the most.  Along the top we have my ink carousel, clean grid paper, my clear mount blocks in a basket and then on the right hand side a wooden box with all my punches in.
How Bekka Stores her Punches - check out the rest of her craftroom here

On the shelves you have all my stamps (in alphabetical order) then next to them are all my accessories, ribbons, brads, reinkers, markers, etc.  I store these in plastic baskets which makes it easy to grab them and bring them onto the desk when I want to use them.  The baskets came from a supermarket several years ago and some are stored on wire under shelf baskets that mean I have more shelf space for these baskets!  On the right hand side of the shelves are my sponges and daubers, catalogues, and the edge punches which don't quite fit in the punch box above.  There is a basket for tools that I use quite often but not every day, things like my Stamp-a-ma-jig and my colour spritser and boxes for the ones I hardly ever use.

The lower shelves are where my Score Board, My Trimmer, my 12x12 Cardstock and Papers and several bags that are ready to take to parties and classes (got to remember the kettle!)

On the table I have a couple of daylight lamps so I can craft in the evening, a rubbish bin and two more plastic baskets which contain the things I use all the time - one for sticky stuff and one for things like pens, scissors and paper folders.  Under the table is a large plastic box (RUB) with suspension folders containing all my A4 card.  I have one section for each colour and store complete and part sheets together so that I can use my scraps first!
Bekka's Craft Room - she holds classes here too - check them out!

At the other end of the room is a desk - this is where my big shot lives and all the dies are in the boxes behind it.  Since taking this photo I have put another bin on that desk too so its easy to throw away any scraps.   I plan to turn the other end into a place ready to take photos of the things I make.  In the draws are things like spare glues, bags, class kits and envelopes.

Yesterday my craft room had an unexpected visitor - this cute cat just let itself in through the open back door!  
Do you want to visit Bekka's craft room like this cat did? Contact her to find out how you can!

If you would like to come and craft with me I do hold monthly classes and private classes here - to book yours just email

Happy Stampin'
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