Friday, 25 July 2014

Find Out About Friday - A Basic Toolkit for Stampers

One of the questions I get asked most often is what tool should be in a basic toolkit for a new stamper, so for this week's Find Out About Friday I thought I would share the items I would recommend as basics or essentials for every stamper.  

When you are first starting out all the tools and gadgets that we sometimes use, and all the kit that is available can be very daunting and it can be hard to know where to start.  I would hate to think that this stopped people from experiencing the sheer joy that comes with taking a stamp, making an image with it and sharing that image as either a card, gift wrapping or our Memory Keeping & Scrapbooking.

I am going to be focused on the tools used by stampers today, rather than the stamps and inks themselves - they will be the subject of a future post and are must more a question of your personal taste.

I also want to mention before I dive into my list, that there is no need to get everything on this basic toolkit list all at once, if you would rather build your basic toolkit one item at a time that is totally OK, stamping is fun so lets start out in a way that is fun for you!  if you are the type of person who wants it all now make sure you read to the bottom of the post as there is a special offer for you!

So what do I recommend as a good basic toolkit for a Stamper

1. Scissors
Ideally you want a sharp pair of scissors with pointed blades as these will allow you to cut around any stamped image easily.  Personally I recommend the Stampin' Up! Snips - they are by far the best Paper Crafting scissors I have ever used.  You can get them here.

2. Adhesives
Once you have stamped your image you are going to want to stick it to something so almost every project you do will include adhesive.  A basic toolkit should have three types of adhesive a dry tape runner such as the refillable Stampin' Up! Snail which can be used to hold layers of card together and to stick on ribbon; a wet glue, such as this one, which is great for cards, boxes, bags and other fiddly thinks and Dimensional Foam Pads.  I recommend these ones.

3. Cleaner
One you have used your stamps you are going to want to clean them!  The best way to do this is with a scrubbing pad and cleaner mist.  This is better for your stamps than using a baby wipe or wet wipe as it will not only clean but also condition your stamps.  Most people also find it is a lot less messy!  You can find a goood scrubbing pad here and the cleaning mist here.

4. Trimmer
You will end up cutting card for almost every project you do.  You can start out using scissors but very quickly you will find that you want something which makes cutting to an exact size and in a straight line every time really quick and easy.  You may also want to score your card to make it easier to fold.  Since it was launched in 2012 this has been my absolute favourite trimmer, far better for me than others I have tried.  You can read what I said about it when I first had it here and if anything my love for it has grown since then - I never use anything else!  

5. Paper Folder
Using a paper folder when you make your folds will help you get a very professional finish to your card.  I also use mine to help me line up the two ends of something I am folding in half.  I would not be without mine! You can get one here.

6. Clear Blocks
If you are going to be getting a lot of clear mount stamps (and if you have the choice of clear mounted or wood mounted I would go for clear mounted as they take less space!) then you are going to need a set of clear blocks.  This is one area where I would suggest investing in something that feels good and is easy to hold - after all you will use them every time you stamp.  I peronally like the Clear Blocks from Stampin' Up! as they are a nice weight in the hand and have a groove round the sides making them easy for a clumsy person like me to hold!  You can buy them individually or save money when you purchase either the full set or the Starter Bundle.

Once you have all the basics I would suggest you start looking at punches - things like circles in different sizes that you can layer up will give you lots and lots of great options - as well as pretty embelishments like ribbons and rhinestones!

I wanted to close this post with a very special offer for you that is valid until the end of June 2015, it is an offer from me and not from Stampin' Up!.  I want to help as many people as possible get into stamping and to have their basic toolkit ready to go so if you order the following basics from me, I will send you a free pack of either Rhinestones or Pearls - which ever you would rather
1 Starter Pack of Clear Blocks or 1 full set of Clear Blocks

To claim this offer please email and I will talk you through how to order them and make sure you get your choice of either Rhinestones or Pearls

Happy Stampin'

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