Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Christmas Countdown has Started ...

UK Special Offer Alert – read to the bottom of the post to find it!

How would you describe your approach to Christmas? Are you wonderfully organised and have everything planned for the next Christmas before the end of Boxing Day, or do you spend the whole year thinking its ages away and then end up rushing round like a mad thing on Christmas Eve?

I guess most of us are somewhere in between, but I do have to confess to always being surprised when December arrives and then finding I have left everything to the last moment.

Well this year I would like things to be different. A good friend pointed out to me that Christmas is only just over 10 weeks away (thank you Stacy!). Now that sounded very close to me! So I decided that I needed a plan and that if there was to be a plan there had to be somewhere pretty for it to live so that I would be happy to look at it often.

So here is my Christmas Planner for this year – it is made with elements of the scrummy I Wish kit from Stampin’ Up! The papers are delicious and did you spot the textured card? So lovely to work with and to touch... The elements that come in the kit made this very easy to put together, and I have most of the kit left to make more projects with. If you want to see the full kit it is on page 73 of the catalogue – just click here or on the picture of the catalogue on the right of the blog.

The planner itself is made from one piece of carstock, folded to create the pockets, then stamped and decorated.

In these pockets I have created a range of inserts – Christmas Card Lists, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists, and of course a wish list of everyone! I also have party planner, meal planner and gift list inserts but forgot to take photos of them ...

The planner folds up so that I can carry it round with me and I have added some ribbon to make sure I don’t loose the plot, I mean plan.

If you would like instructions for the planner please send me an email - bekka@feeling-crafty.co.uk

As I mentioned in the first post on this blog I will be offering you a number of Christmas Projects over the coming weeks to help you have a special, wonderful and crafty Christmas.

To encourage you to join me on this journey, and to help you get in the mood, I have a special offer for you. If you are in the UK and place an order with me for the I Wish Kit, I will send you some co-ordinating goodies and a collection of special project ideas that I have designed to be made from the kit.

Happy Christmas Crafting


PS: Dont forget that the birthday offer is still running - you have until the end of the month to order selected stamps at 20% off - check out this post here

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jakey said...

Oh that's gorgeous Bekka! I love all those little pockets and lists.. I am a true list maker too :-) lol!

jakey said...

Oh that's gorgeous Bekka! I love all those little pockets and the lists... I am a real list maker too :-) lol!

Crafty P said...

Hello- happened upon your blog from jakey's blog which I happened upon from christmas planner.

Love that adorable planner. Did you use one piece of paper folded in half to make it? How tall is the finished product? I'd love to have a mini-sized Christmas planner to pop into my purse and this looks lovely!

thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Hi there Kate

Thank you for the lovely comments about my planner.

The finished planner is just over 6 inches tall by about 3 inches wide.

It is made with one sheet of 12x12. If you would like a copy of the instructions please drop me an email at bekka@feeling-crafty.co.uk and I will email them to you.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to catching up with you soon


Robin said...

What a terrific idea. And gorgeous, too! I get a great deal of satisfaction marking things off a to-do list. The fact that it's really pretty will motivate me to stay on track. I know it sounds shallow, but if a planner isn't pretty, I'm not as likely to use it.

Unknown said...

I am totally with you on that Robin!