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Find Out About Friday - Which Adhesive Should I use when?

A question I get asked a lot is which adhesive should I use and when, and I thought the answer would make a great topic for a Find Out About Friday!

Adhesive is something we use on almost every project we do and using the right one for the right job can make your life a whole lot easier and make the difference between being pleased with the end result and not being so pleased.  This makes glue one of the most important things in your craft kit!

Most crafters have a number of different adhesives in their kit allowing them to make a choice project by project.  I am going to start by sharing this table which helps you select your adhesive by what you want to do, and then go on and tell you a bit more about each type of Stampin' Up! Adhesive
A guide to which adhesive you should use and when by UK based Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Bekka Prideaux - she also offers to answer any questions you have
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So onto a few more details about each adhesive.

Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive - this really is my go to glue!  
It is easy to apply with a fine tip one end of the pot and a larger one the other. It is ideal for Card Making, Scrapbooking, 3D items and much much more.  It goes on white and then dries clear. Additionally it can be used as a repositionable glue by letting it go clear before bringing the items you want to stick together.  Since the glue takes a few seconds to dry it gives you a little 'wiggle room' when you put your project together - a feature I make regular use of!

Snail Adhesive - this fantastic tape runner is fast and mess free!  Ideal for Card Making, Scrapbooking and crafting on the go the refillable body give you a continuous line of adhesive and an instant bond.  It is small and compact fitting easily into your hand but has 12m of adhesive on each roll!

Two Way Glue Pen - this handy litte Glue pen gives a permanent bond if you adhere your card or paper immediately or a temporary one if you let it dry first.  It is fantastic to carry around with you and its wedge shaped nib makes it perfect for those small touches of glitter.

Glue Dots - being small round and very sticky makes these idea for getting into small places and for adding even heavy decorations to your project.  I use these when I am adding butterflies to projects and you know how I like to do that!

Sticky Strip - when you need a strong adhesive this is what you need - brilliant for 3D projects and heavy embelishments.  It is available in strip form or as the Jumbo Sticky Rounds.  The bond on this tape is instant and permanent and it really will hold just about anything!  I have even used it to hold stage costumes together.

Dimensionals - these wonderful adhesive foam pads add depth to a project and are ideal for sticking things to curved surfaces!  A very high number of my projects use these as well as a flat glue.

Crystal Effects - this is a high gloss lacquer which gives adds shine to your projects and which also works as a very strong adhesive.

Anywhere Glue Sticks - This rectangular glue stick combines some of the features of both the Tombow and the Snail when putting cards or scrapbook pages together - you get the wiggle room you get when you use a liquid glue but with the control of a day glue.  It is also ideal for young crafters.

Multi Purpose Adhesive Sheets - fantastic for making your own stickers!  Just apply to the back of your card or paper and then run it through the Big Shot or use your punches.  When you are ready peel off the backing and stick away!  

Now not an adhesive but no post about adhesives would be complet with out it - there is also the wonderful and at times life saving Adhesive Remover!  Gently rub this over any unwanted adhesive to safely take it off your project this little gem works with snail and tomobow once they have dried and can take off any residue left if you remove a Dimensional or anything else sticky!  This is an absolute essential in my kit and has singlehandedly saved many a project.

To purchase any of these adhesives click on their name and you will be taken straight to the shop where you can buy them.  If you have any questions about adhesives please do ask

Happy Stampin
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