Thursday, 4 June 2009

Background Basics

I have had a couple of people ask me about how to use the Stampin’ Up! Background Stamps. I think these stamps are amazing and sooooooo versatile. I will admit however that like many people I was a little intimidated by them at first – they are not exactly small!

However once you have been shown how to use them the creative possibilities are endless. Today I am going to share some basic techniques on how to use them. If you come back tomorrow I will share 10 different things you can do with them, just to get you started ...

The best way to ink your background stamp is to put it on its back on your work surface and take the ink pad to the stamp, tapping lightly until you have an even coverage of ink.

From here there are three main techniques for using the stamp – all work well and it is really a matter of personal preference.

Technique 1 – Take the Stamp to the card. As you would with your other stamps pick the stamp up and take it to your surface. The grooves in the wooden base of the stamp assist you in being able to control the stamp. Since the stamps are large, to get an even coverage you will need to press down and ensure that all the stamp makes contact. I always use grid paper or scrap paper underneath my stamping projects but this can be especially important when using a large stamp like this where I am probably intending to go over the edges of the card I want to stamp. When you lift the stamp away your image will be on your paper.

Technique 2 – Card to the stamp. Ink your stamp as above and then leaving the stamp on its back, carefully place your piece of card onto the stamp. Run a brayer (or something similar like a rolling pin) lightly over the surface to ensure an even coverage and then very carefully lift the card away. Personally I find this method can be very messy, but if you find the stamps hard to handle it could be the one for you
Technique 3 – Use the box. This technique is especially helpful for those who find the stamps a little heavy, or if you want to carefully position your stamp relative to your piece of card. The Stampin’ Up! Stamps come in wonderful clear storage boxes and this technique makes use of that box. Put your stamp in the deep side of its box with the wood down. Carefully Ink the stamp. Next put a very small amount of Snail Adhesive in each corner of the card you want to stamp – you really don’t need much. Stick the card on the inside of the box lid. Next close the box lid. As you close the lid, check how the stamp will line up on the card and move the stamp in the box if you require. Once the box is closed gently rub the lid to ensure you get an even coverage of ink.
When you open the box your image will be perfectly stamped (if you find you have missed a bit, before you move the box you can close it again to get that part of the image. I then leave my sheet of stamped card in the box until I am ready to attach it to my card.
Now some of you who have been looking more closely at the pictures in this post may be wondering if there is some additional magic happening when you close the box and rub the lid ... Sorry but there is not – I took some of the pictures when I was using one background stamp and some when I was using another!
I hope this has answered the questions I have had about how to use such large stamps, and if you come back tomorrow I will share with you 10 things you can use them for. If you have any other questions please get in touch. Dont forget if you have a Stampin’ Up! Party in June or July you could get your hands on one of these wonderful stamps for Free. See the post below of the special offers page for more details.
See you tomorrow

Happy Crafting
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Dawn said...

Very clever using the box must try that one.
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