Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tutorial for a Tuesday

Last week I promised you I would write a tutorial for the card pouch I made for the Stamp With Us Colour Challenge here. Here was the original project for you.

And here at last, is the tutorial!

To complete this project you will need a 25cmx25cm piece of double sided patterned paper and some scraps to decorate it with. For this tutorial I have used a sheet from the Rainbow Sherbet pack from Stampin’ Up!

Fold the paper in half diagonally.

Measure 14cm the fold along the open side of the triangle. Fold the front point down along a line between the two marks. Crease the line and then open this fold back out.

Next, along the first fold measure 12cm in from each end. Fold in the two bottom corners, your fold line should be between your mark along the bottom of the triangle and the end of your crease line.

With the corners still folded over, refold the top flap down and put it under the left hand side flap. You will notice that it sticks out. Trim it so it no longer shows. Also trim the tip from the front top flap.
Using strong tape stick the flaps down, right hand side first and then the left. Tuck the top flap inside the left hand side flap and use a couple of glue dots to keep the left side flap closed. Your pouch is now ready to decorate as you wish

I would love to see if you make one of these so please leave a link in the comments below.

Happy Crafting


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Stephanie said...

That's amazing & such a fantastic tutorial too, thanks for sharing hun
Hugs xxx

Katy said...

Thanks Bekka ... I shall be giving it a go tomorrow. :)

simplyfairies said...

Oh how fabulous, loving it....